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Collaborative Care Hypnotherapy Recommended Reads


These books have been chosen for you, as I myself found them useful, enjoyable and informative. All of the books can be found by searching the book by title, author and publisher. I invite you to enjoy this newfound learning and relaxation. 1) Becoming Superhuman; How common people are doing the uncommon Author: Dr. Joe Dispenza Publisher: Hay House 2) When The Body Says No; The cost of Hidden Stress Author: Dr. Gabor Mate Publisher: Vintage Canada 3) It's All In Your Head; True stories of imaginary illness. Author: Dr. Suzanne O'Sullivan Publisher: Chatto & Windus, London 4) Personality Isn't Permanent Author: Dr. Benjamin Hardy Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group *This list will updated from time to time; please email your suggestions or feedback




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