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About RTT®

Rapid Transformation Therapy - Common Questions

-What is RTT®? 
Rapid Transformation Therapy, or mode of hypnotherapy, was created by Marisa Peer a world renowned hypnotherapist. This technique combines several different concepts of hypnotherapy. It is an excellent form of getting to “the root cause” of issues. Thereby eradicating old maladaptive thoughts and beliefs with new ones. This is carried out under hypnosis; it is hypnosis, and you are fully in control and involved throughout the session.


-What is hypnotherapy?
“Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness in which the individual withdraws his peripheral awareness and concentrates all attention on a focal goal…… Is related to the ability to concentrate in an attentive, responsive manner even to the point of dissociation. Siegel, 1972.


-“Hypnosis is a way of directly accessing the subconscious mind so that clients can understand what is running their unwanted behaviors and then become free of them, through a process of suggestion that bypasses the conscious mind and the critical factor, allowing the mind to accept a suggestion it previously would not have accepted. Marisa Peer, Feb.2017

-Do I lose control of my mind?
No. You are always 100% in control and aware during the session. Your mind will not do anything that you would not normally do. This is not stage hypnosis, this is focused on issues not for show.


-What if I can not be hypnotized?
This is rare. The mind state that mimics that of light hypnosis is the same one that allows daydreaming or being “lost in thought”. Have you ever driven to work, but can not for the life of you remember the whole drive? Or perhaps been so enthralled by a book or TV show that you didn’t notice others come and sit in the room, or how much time had elapsed?


-What can Hypnotherapy/RTT® help me with?
There are numerous issues that can be helped. During your intake call we explore what compelled you to want to try hypnosis and come up with a strategy.


-Can this be done virtually, or does it have to be done in person?
Yes! RTT® and coaching sessions can be done both virtually and in person. This does need to be specified at time of purchase. Also depending on your location as well.


-Is physical touch involved?
If your coaching, or RTT® sessions are virtual, no. If your RTT® session is in person it could include a light touch to the forearm, forehead, or shoulder. Permission is always asked for prior.


-What does hypnosis feel like?
It feels like you are so very, very relaxed. Your critical mind is out of the way lending to a heightened awareness of self and your own internal state.


RTT is available as 1 session for $150.00
Or A package of 2 sessions for $275.00
A package of 3 sessions for $400.00

All sessions/packages include a bespoke recording,
and follow up calls.

RTT® Testimonial


Hi Cheryl,

I want to thank you for a very fruitful RTT Experience!  Insomnia had whittled me down to a fraction of myself.  Though I had managed to move on from a very stressful work situation, the in-ability to sleep well lingered on.  I tried every known remedy, as well as meditation, but the battle never ended. It was incredibly frustrating.  I blamed myself for not accomplishing much and self-labeled my failures as procrastination (which I thought I “should” have been able to conquer).


Fortunately, one day I reached out to you for an RTT Session. You listened intently and helped me narrow my objective to “rest well at night so I can be clear and productive each day.”  I felt encouraged after the RTT Session. You helped me see that it was OK to allow myself to rest.  I eagerly started listening to the recording you custom-crafted to help me rewire. 


Now…a few weeks later, I feel like MYSELF again. Actually, even BETTER!  I am getting far more sleep than before.  And I can FOCUS!  I feel productive and excited to get things done. It’s such a relief to feel normal.


Your gentle ways sure pack a powerful re-boot!  Just what I needed.  I am happy and grateful.  Thank you for sharing your gift and your skill.

L. DeLong


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