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Learn Grow Go - Self-Help Program

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Self-help, self-healing journey that helps you to recover from toxic/narcissistic abuse. Work at your own pace, when you have time. Designed for you to get back to yourself, gain clarity of thought, increase your self-esteem and your self worth. To gain strength, clarity, self worth, and peace of mind. *Workbook is included, and this follows the course modules. There are 3 modules and each one has 5 parts. There are no right or wrong answers Monthly Live Zoom Sessions Included in a private group setting, with guided coaching assistance from Cheryl Private Group Membership Included - Lifetime Access - It may not be feasible for you to join a class, have specified times or to even find space for yourself or privacy attend online. With this self-help, self-healing journey, you can do it where you want, where you can, when you want and when you can. The pace and times are all up to you, making it easier for you to Learn. Grow Go. Welcome to your healing journey! ALL MATERIALS SUBJECT TO ©️ 2023




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